About us

We integrate our half-century long R&D family traditions with fresh energies and enthusiastic customer-oriented attitude of the second generation, providing state-of-the-art standardized cosmetics and medicinal preparations. Our principle is to reveal and distribute healing properties of natural active substances – thus intense market-based R&D and product manufacturing, resulting in high market-relevancy, product quality and justified claims.

We manufacture mass market product ranges with exciting cost-effectiveness.

Our biggest partners in the EU are drugstores (Rossmann, DM), pharmacy chains and department stores (Metro).


Well equipped own laboratory

We perform classical analytical tests (titration, pH measurement, etc.) as well as quality control and quality assurance of extracts and finished products. Equipment of our


Cutting-edge technology

We also implement extraction of standardized active substances and distillation processes. Our production methods and processes are in line with global technological levels supported by



Scientifically established, self-developed products

Our products are manufactured of natural ingredients

A second-generation, family-run business

Serving your health since 3 decades

High-quality, exciting cost-effectiveness

Scientific cosmetics - nature revealed

Main partners: