Our company incorporates the respect of traditions and decades long practical experiences of founders with fresh energies and an enthusiastic customer-oriented attitude of the second generation. o three decades of experience in the pharmaceutic industry in leading R&D laboratories of Central Europe – cooperation in the creation of 117 patents o a half century long market-oriented product development experience – research and development of new standardized natural and complex active substances, shaping them to products o our products and services rely on cutting-edge scientific results – managed by market-oriented methodologies OUR PRINCIPLE: recognition of natural substances’ healing effects, intense research of them and manufacturing of standardized cosmetic and medicinal preparations. Our company has nearly 50 self-developed products, containing unique mixtures of herbal and natural active ingredients, based on scientifically established and justified results.

Current global and European consumer trends spotlight: Serum range – including hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, vitamin C, niacinamide, CBD serums, CBD product range – face and skin care cosmetic products, including more than 10 items, Dermofil range- acne-prone, inflamed and seborrheic skin routine, including a lotion, paste and 3in1 cleansing cream,

CBD oils – a wide range of potencies and package sizes in two different carrier oils, and Sun protection products – 30 SPF CBD face cream, 30 SPF sun milk, and 50 SPF face cream against hyperpigmentation, 50 SPF sun milk, being currently the most promising new members of our KEVE portfolio.

We have a keen interest in the sector of natural cosmetics with a range of products: Purple loosestrife and Marigold herbal solution against acne, nourishing Marigold cream against skin irritation, inflammations and injuries, Horse-chestnut foot balm against varicose veins and muscle aches, Nettle hair lotion against dandruff and hair loss and a Purple loosestrife and ciclopirox olamine herbal solution for nail fungi and inflammations. From a market perspective our up-to-date products are highly reliable despite the market effects of COVID:

o CBD product segments are extending at significant rates, o KEVE face serums offer efficient and trendy solutions for skin care while the market segment is growing,

o Dermofil range ensures professional efficacy, offering a cost-efficient solution against acne and seborrheic symptoms,

o KEVE cosmetic purpose CBD oils with nutritional quality ingredients and 0% THC,

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