Project code: EXP2020-NEP-000040

Project title: Nemzeti Exportvédelmi Program Külpiacrajutási Támogatás

Projet title: Export fejlesztés a Gradiens Kft.

Amount of financing: 14 996 000 Ft

Gradiens Ltd. is pleased to announce that we implement a project financed by the Hungarian Export Development Agency.

Our own-developed cosmetic and medicinal products reached the markets of Norway ans Slovakia in addition to the domestic market, but due to recent market development and improvements, a significant expansion is among the objectives. The development of the new, partly completed cosmetic product family was realized with this approach. The development was carried out jointly with Rossmann, which is the exclusive distributor of these products in the domestic market. The project targets the entry of these products to foreign markets by Gradiens Ltd. Our main target markets are Germany, Italy and Russia. The project will include the expansion and translation of product promotional materials and the translation of the website. The products will be presented at international trade fairs, where the clear goal is to significantly expand export opportunities, prepare the company and its products for foreign markets, and significantly increase export sales.


    – Project title: Technológiai fejlesztés a Gradiens Kft-nél

    – Project code: VEKOP-1.2.6-20-2020-00055

    – Project duration: 2020.03.-2021.05.

    – Ovarall project cost: 27.857.143 Ft

    – Amount of financing: 17.500.000 Ft

    – Financed percent: 62,82%

    – Brief presentation of the project: Within the framework of the present technological development, developments have taken place to improve the competitiveness of the company and create new jobs. We have purchased several liquid filling and labeling machines, with the help of which we can package certain elements of our product range in accordance with the customer’s expectations and we can react quickly to the customer’s needs. The investment also included the acquisition of current assets, in which we mainly purchased special essential oils.